About Court Studio

A court under Paris metro, a streetball match in the Philippines, frenzied games between friends, endless challenges, countless hours spent in improving shots… It has always been a passion since its beginning in a child’s room with a ball and a mini basketball hoop. Court Studio is born out of these unforgettable moments.

The idea is to combine the passion for the sport and the desire to create beautiful designer objects with the greatest technical quality.

Such are the challenges set by Court Studio in Paris: to surprise with audacious items and restore as faithfully as possible the game’s reality and sensations, the emotions it procures; to allow every sports fanatic to share the court, its authenticity, its good vibrations… at home.

Court Studio’s products are the result of a special conception inspired by a personal experience. First, there was the creative imagination followed by a long development process and refinement of the original idea.

There is only one objective: to create meticulous products by collaborating with French artisans carefully selected for their expertise. The choice of the most suitable materials is essential to create a high-performance product with an original and unique style. And this is the spirit of the Court Studio line.